From Thursday to Sunday: an idea for a weekend.

From lake to mountains: Franciacorta, Montisola and Valle di Scalve.

A tour aimed at pedalling... and more

 Day 1: Thursday: Montisola

Montisola festa di Santa Croce
Montisola - feast of Santa Croce

Departure in the early afternoon with our bikes. Riding along one side of Lake Iseo, we will board the ferry with our bikes and cross to the island to one of the villages which is considered to be one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. Montisola is the biggest inhabited lake island in Europe, once known for its production of fishing nets and today for the production of the LigurianGozzo (hand-made wooden boat), the delicious salami and sardines in oil. We will continue our tour by exploring this beautiful island. Want to get to the top of the island at 415 mtrs high, combining mountain and lake? Here on the summit we will find the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Ceriola. We willl come back, in the evening. Please carry a safety light in case it gets dark.

Day 2: Friday: Valle di Scalve – Passo del Vivione 1827 mtrs

Total cycling 40 km, altitude difference of 900/1000 mtrs ascending and descending asphalt road and dirt tracks set in spectacular landscape.
We will follow the small river Dezzo and climb in altitude until we reach our starting point. From here, after a short distance we will arrive at an attractive pine forest and continue on the track until we join the road leading to the Pass. This is a beautiful area for those who enjoy alpine skiing. When descending I'll show you something particular designed by an artist that I really like! If you feel like tasting tagliatelle (ribbon noodles) with roe deer sauce, pizzoccheri, Bergamask casoncelli, stew with polenta or stinco (shin of pork), here you will be satisfied! If the day for you is still long and you love minerals / fossils you might like to visit the old mining park or maybe go on a guided tour of a mountain dairy taking home a small formaggella (homemade cheese)... just let me know!

Saturday: Franciacorta

grape harvest

30/32km all across vineyards and dirt roads except for some short connecting stretches of asphalted road (2 kms max.). 440 mtrs. of altitude difference.

A ride among the vineyards, wineries, castles, churches, bogs, and large villas are all surrounded by mountains, flanked by Lake Iseo. A breathtaking view. We'll take you by minibus to the starting point along the shore of Lake Iseo and from here, after a short stretch of paved road, the fun will begin along paths amid vineyards and woods. If, on the return trip, when nearby the mini bus you would like to taste the wine at one of the many excellent wineries, or stop at the small church along the way, which is really worth a visit), don’t hesitate to ask me.

Sunday: the upland plains of Bossico

Departure in the morning , either on our bikes or driving uphill for some kilometers, at your choice. Our ride will follow a panoramic street paved with asphalt leading to the village of Bossico. Here time seems to have stopped. Bossico is a wonder! Whilst protecting their traditions and the environment the people of Bossico (the Bossichesi) are developing a particular type of tourism caring about their environment. Following paths in the pine forest, continuously taking us up and down, we will reach the top of the hill and be rewarded with a breath-taking view of the lake and mountains.

Barbecue and picnic areas can be found for those who would like to eat al-fresco. Would you rather eat in a restaurant where good food is guaranteed? Do you want to buy excellent cheese from one of the many local farms? Or see a series of historic villas built mainly by the tradesmen from the Sebino area? It is worth exploring the reasons why they have been built here!